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Christmas shopping

Today, I was hit over the head with a cucumber by an insane Christmas shopper. Next year I’m not going anywhere near the shops without an American football-style get up. I’m amazed the Small Person survived the scrum and trolley gridlock in Sainsbury’s unscathed.


We got fish for the office .. then they had baby fish .. now we have a whole lot of fish but they are very cool and the babies are tiny. See the feesch.


The small person has been chosen to play Mary in the year one nativity play, this morning I was cornered by the teacher in charge of this theatrical event,
“last year’s Mary was rather taller, could you just take up these robes a bit and perhaps give them a [...]

Enormous wasps

The small person found an enormous wasp in her bedroom today. I don’t like wasps much, I especially don’t like wasps that are twice the size of your average, irritating with a mission to sit on your icecream, garden wasp. Drew was despatched to deal with the mega-wasp and we’re [...]

The mind boggles

I get some odd email, but tonight’s really takes the biscuit … sent to my business email address.

Dear Rachel. I locate the market for a new fiancèe. You are interested? I too have all my car and to inhale to more things such as this. If you are sharpened, email [...]


The Reg have been running stories on one of my pet hates the last few days – banks and online services that lock out those using alternative (or anything other than Internet Explorer on Windows) browsers and operating systems.

I’m not surprised that Natwest has been named as the


My open university exam is on Tuesday, I feel as if I have learned loads on my course but have no idea whether I will manage to scrawl it all onto the exam paper in three hours. One thing is sure, I’ll be relieved once it is over.

I feel so [...]

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