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Happy Christmas


A very Happy and Blessed Christmas to those who celebrate.

The Open University

Advent is a time of great expectation and waiting for many Open University students, as the exam results for the October examinations are published just a few days before Christmas. The OU have always embraced the web as a way to publish information about their courses; and for students to [...]

This is the way we do things around here

Derek Featherstone describes something that seems to be a common feeling among “web standards advocates” right now. For those of us who have been using and evangelising web standards for the last few years it all seems so obvious. In my own company our [...]

Using tables to layout forms

A while back I wrote an article about forms and CSS and covered displaying forms in tables, for this impropriety I was immediately lynched by the purists. As an application developer I still maintain that sometimes a table is the most appropriate way to layout a complex form. In [...]

Firefox 1.0

Firefox 1.0 has been released today. If you are an Internet Explorer user and concerned about spyware and viruses getting onto your machine via your web browser then there has never been a better time to switch away from IE – Firefox will happily import all [...]

Hallowe'en and unexpected Google ranking

Last year, I posted to this blog about how in the North-East we carved turnips and not pumpkins for our Hallowe’en lanterns. On checking my webserver logs this evening I discovered a strange increase in traffic (especially strange since I’ve not updated for ages). The reason for my [...]

Sigh ...

Our friends in Reform are at it again – giving the press something to write about by denouncing the Archbishop as a prostitute; Kings College Chapel as a “Temple to Paganism”; and having the usual go at women Priests.

The problem as I see it, is not that this [...]

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