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24 Ways To Impress Your Friends

In the run up to Christmas, learn a new web development tip every day at 24 ways … by Christmas Day you’ll have a whole bunch of new exciting knowledge with which to impress your Aunties over the festive meal.

So, how do you cut up a mango?

As title! The Small Person loves the slimy fruits, and I spent ten minutes this morning trying to chop the fruit off the stone without reducing the whole thing to mush. There must be a technique to this.

Clearing space on the shelves

I’ve been clearing some needed bookshelf space and buying the books I need for my next Open University course at bargain prices at Green Metropolis. I don’t have room for any more bookshelves so I’ve had to promise myself that I’ll get rid of some books before buying any [...]

Dreamweaver 8

The latest version of Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver 8 – has been launched today. I was lucky enough to be involved with the Beta and so have been working with this new version for several months. So, is it worth the upgrade?

If you use Dreamweaver for visual design, and in particular [...]


So … I don’t post for two months, and when I do, it is for the sole purpose of showing you my pants.

Britpack: A Proud Member

Websites alienate Firefox users

This morning the BBC reports on a survey made of 100 leading consumer web sites – revealing that 3% were turning away non-IE users and a further 7% were using IE-specific code. The article then went on to explain why web standards were important [...]

Missing out and meeting up

Had I realised just how cool @media was going to be before it sold out, I would have got a ticket. It sounds like a fantastic time was had by all. We did however, manage to meet up with Molly for an evening, and after making her hang [...]

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