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Rachel Andrew BA (Hons) Hum (Open)

Those with long memories or an interest in elderly archives may remember that back in 2002 I began studying with the Open University, with the vague idea that perhaps I might do enough courses to get a degree.

In the last four years I’ve acquired a passable ability to [...]


Congratulations to my Dad – Mike Douglass – and everyone working on Bedework, an open-source institutional calendar system, on winning a Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. The awards were presented on Monday 4th December by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. The Mellon Foundation’s Press Release gives details of all award [...]

CSS - what is the current starting point?

I’ve written a fair old bit about CSS, and continue to do so. The time honoured method of starting a CSS article or book for beginners, is to start out with a comparison between font tags and CSS for simple text styling. I have a bunch of [...]

One photo every day for a year


I’m probably just creating myself one more thing to feel guilty about not doing, but in the interest of improving my photography and being more creative I’m decided to join in with the Project 365 idea. I’ve had my [...]


I’m writing this post from a wifi enabled train, heading up the East Coast main line to Newcastle. Getting on the train at Kings Cross reminded me of how I arrived in that station, just over 11 years ago. Hauling all my wordly possessions with me in a move to [...]

Diversity thoughts

The familiar issue of diversity – particularly in terms of those speaking at industry conferences has been raised again. As a female web developer I almost feel duty bound to weigh in! It occured to me that I know why I don’t get to many events, but I’d be [...]

Greenbelt 2006

Since my first Greenbelt in 2000 the festival has come to mark the beginning of a new year. Perhaps we are all conditioned in childhood by school terms to see September as a beginning anyway, but for me Greenbelt each year marks ends and beginnings, a time to reflect on [...]

Choosing your CSS techniques

I’ve had so many interesting discussions with people at @media, as these were prompted by the topics discussed by panels or in presentations it’s probably not surprising that I was often having the same conversation a number of times with different people! However one topic that kept coming up was [...]

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