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CSS Training and changes at

I started in September 2001, which makes it a pretty established company at this point. So it’s really exciting that Drew McLellan will be joining the company in September. We’re looking forward to working together full time as Drew has worked on a freelance basis for [...]

Geek running

I’m not a natural runner. I’m reasonably fit given that I spend most of the day sat in my chair, mainly due to the fact I’ll always walk rather than drive if it is possible, but I’m one of my gym’s best members – pay every month and rarely use [...]


On Thursday and Friday of last week I attended the @media2007 Europe conference in London. I took a ridiculous amount of notes (using OmniOutliner which I am loving for taking meeting notes right now) but will try and condense those into a brief round-up of the sessions I attended. [...]

WaSP Street Team

Yesterday the Web Standards Project held our Annual Meeting at SXSW in Austin. Not all of us could be there in person, so while the conference-attending WaSPs answered questions at the open meeting, the virtual attendees launched the WaSP Street Team site as it was announced.

The [...]

We're still looking for those women

The debate regarding the lack of women speakers at conferences continues. I have added to this conversation in the past, and a few people have picked up on that post during this current round of debate. On that post Lori gives some of the reasons why she doesn’t [...]

Online identity

As a parent of a pre-teen I’ve been reading with interest the commentary over the last few days with regard to the different way in which teenagers typically relate to their online identities. In common with most of my peers I have used the same online identity for years, so [...]