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Starting your own business during a downturn

It is certainly shaping up to be a tough time for a lot of people right now. Several friends have found themselves unemployed and I’ve seen a number of people mentioning on Twitter how they are considering starting their own business. From my own experience I would encourage people [...]

New Book - "Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong"

I got back from our two day honeymoon on the Isle of Wight to find that my latest book – co-authored with Kevin Yank – is out. It is currently available from Sitepoint and should be on Amazon before too long as well as in local bookshops.

One of [...]


Last Saturday Drew and I got married. This post is really just to point people to the pool and tag on Flickr where photos taken by the massed camera-wielding geeks are accumulating, and to say thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a special [...]

Summer project

This summer we have Ed Kelly from Exeter University working at Ed is studying Computer Science and will be working with us for 8 weeks as part of the Shell Step Programme. The programme aims to get students working in business on a real project during their [...]

Off camera flash fun

Tomato 2

I’ve been doing a macro photography course for the last 4 weeks at Bracknell and Wokingham College. It’s great fun but the problem with doing a course like this is that it is then very tempting [...]

Does PHP have an image problem?

I’ve just got back from @media2008. I’ve written up the conference over on the Sitepoint blogs – day one and day two – so I’ll not reiterate any of that here, however I didn’t want to turn those posts into a grumble so I’m back on home territory, [...]

Dear lazyweb - what should I do with all this email?

I get a lot of email. I currently have 9 different email accounts spread across work and personal stuff, the important email all is IMAP (on my own server) with list mail being spread across gmail accounts and some POP accounts on my server.

Not only do I [...]

So what happens now?

Back in November I wrote the following in an email to a mailing list as part of a discussion about The Web Standards Project, reading some of the fallout on the web over the last few days reminded me of that discussion, which seems more relevant now than before,

“When WaSP [...]

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