I am Managing Director and founder of web development company edgeofmyseat.com. We were a consultancy but have shifted focus to products, and our CMS products Perch and Perch Runway. In addition to working on Perch I do a small amount of consultancy and freelance writing work, you can find out what I can do for you here.

My professional skills range from front and back-end development to operations. My day can include planning a new marketing campaign, fixing a CSS issue on a site, writing a Puppet manifest and writing a Perch app in PHP.

I am an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group, a Google Developer Expert (GDE) and was a long-time Web Standards Project member until that organisation disbanded.


Over the last few years I have spoken at a number of conferences on subjects ranging from responsible use of CSS, to providing technical support, to launching a product business.

You can find information about upcoming and past talks here - along with resources, video and slides where available for the past talks.

If you would like me to speak at your event please read this first and then drop me a line.


Since 2002 I have authored or co-authored a number of books and many articles for on and offline publications. I love writing about the things I am interested in, and sharing what I learn.

Personal life

In my personal life I have a grown-up daughter, and am wife to Drew McLellan - the other half of edgeofmyseat.com.

When I am not writing code, writing about writing code or on a plane to speak to some people about code I have a range of interests. I’m currently learning to fly small aeroplanes, working towards my PPL. I run a lot, sometimes cycle and swim, am always happy for company if fellow runners at conferences want to join me to explore the sites on foot!

My interests include family history and religious studies. The former has led me to discover that I am descended from Irish Travellers and the latter gained me a First Class degree in Humanities with Religious Studies from the Open University.

I’m an ex-dancer and singer, ex-West End Theatre Technician and a pretty decent stage manager. I take photographs; can dress-make, cook, read Latin and lift heavy stuff, although not all at once.

About this site

This site has a long history as my personal blog. You can find posts going back to 2001 if you keep trawling the archives. This redesign aims to bring together the various material I have produced that is spread around the web.

The site is managed by my own product Perch Runway. The homepage photo was taken by Drew McLellan.