Launching today: The New CSS Layout

I am author or co-author of 22 books, book number 22 is The New CSS Layout, published by my good friends over at A Book Apart, and launching today.

Book number 22 only happens because 15 years ago I said yes to book number 1. It was 2002, and I was approached to write a couple of chapters of a book to be published by Glasshaus. I left school at 16 to study dance, so to say that I felt underqualified to write a book is very much an understatement. I decided that it was just a couple of chapters and if it was terrible they would find someone else to complete the work. I said yes. It must have been ok, as here we are today.

In The New CSS Layout I’ve tried to use my 20 year experience as a web developer, along with my knowledge of shiny new specifications like Grid Layout, to put these new layout features into context. I think that is important, as the majority of the questions and confusion around new specifications are due to a misunderstanding of how CSS layout works at all. In a world of frameworks and abstractions, it is easy to become separated from the concepts that underpin everything that we do. To really take advantage of everything we have now, we need to understand where it came from and why it works.

My aim is that after reading this book you’ll have a better understanding of how Flexbox and Grid Layout work, and be able to put that knowledge into practice. However my real hope is that you take away something more than just knowledge of those individual features. If I could give you anything it would be the ability to dig into and understand new features for yourself, to be free to play, experiment and develop new ideas.

You can find details of the contents here, and buy your own print or e-book copy over on A Book Apart. I really hope you like it.

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