Build and launch a product in your spare time!

Would you like to launch a product?

Do you dream of being able to earn money while you sleep? Of seeing sales come in while you are out for dinner? Of creating a great product that is sustainable as a real, profitable business?

I’ve been there and done it, and I love helping other people achieve the same success with their own products and side projects.

In my practical new book, I’ll help you to get started and throughout all stages of the launch of your own revenue generating side project.

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The book is published in three formats - PDF, epub and mobi. You get all three in the download.

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Here's what Andy Croll had to say about The Profitable Side Project Handbook

"Rachel’s book covers the interesting stuff, the important stuff, the boring stuff and the stuff you haven’t even thought of - all in an approachable, no-nonsense manner. Completely recommended."

Why have I written this book?

In 2009 I was one half of a successful web development consultancy business, working alongside my husband developing sites for clients. We launched our product Perch as a side project alongside our client work. It became profitable within 24 hours of going on sale, has now taken well over half a million dollars in revenue, and as of the beginning of 2013 became our entire business.

We achieved this without funding, employees or any prior experience of launching a product.

There are many similar stories out there. Freelancers and small agencies developing small products and making a viable success of them as a business. Unlike the startup dream of big wins, which is essentially more like pinning your hopes and dreams on winning the lottery one day, building up a small product business is possible for most of us. It requires consistent hard work and focus, but those things are within your control.

What will you learn?

This isn’t a book about “doing a startup”. This is a business book about diversifying your income as a freelancer, agency owner or possibly even as an employee. It is a practical book based on my own experience and also research into other similar businesses. I cover the real nuts and bolts of doing this along with actions you can take as you bring your own products to launch.

Table of Contents

Why Side Projects?

Download Chapter 1 as a sample chapter

Your Product



The practicalities of selling products online

Identity and Brand

Setting up for Support

Planning a Launch

We launched! Now What?

Buy the book!

The book is published in three formats - PDF, epub and mobi. You get all three in the download.

Price: $39 USD

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About the author

I’m Rachel Andrew. I’m a web developer, speaker and writer, Managing Director over at where we work on our flagship product, the really little CMS Perch.

Included Interviews

In addition to my own experience and research the book includes interviews from a number of successful founders.