Hire me

While most of my time is booked up working on my own products, I have some availability in 2018. These are the things I can be hired to do.

Contact me on me@rachelandrew.co.uk if you want to discuss how I might help you with your project or event.

Hire me as a keynote or technical speaker

I speak at around 30 events a year. My talks range from technical presentations on the latest CSS, to keynote talks based on my 20 year history as a web developer and involvement with web standards. Find out how to book me for your event.

CSS workshops and training

I’m an experienced workshop leader and enjoy sharing my CSS knowledge with attendees. I can be hired to lead an in-house workshop or training or to provide a public course at a conference or event.

Writing and editing

During my 20 year career in web development I have written a vast number of books, in addition to countless technical articles and tutorials. I am an experienced writer, and as anyone who works with me knows, deadline-obsessed. Hire me and the words are likely to get written! Recent work includes the MDN Guides to CSS Grid Layout and CSS Grid, Flexbox and Box Alignment: Our new system for web layout on Smashing Magazine.

I also enjoy working as a technical editor and reviewer, using my experience as a writer to help others get their books and articles out into the world. I currently review for A List Apart and Smashing Magazine.

CSS Consultancy

As an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group I am one of a very few people involved with CSS creation who is not an employee of a browser vendor or other member organisation. I’m particularly interested in consultancy projects where I can use my knowledge of modern layout methods such as CSS Grid and Flexbox. That might involve advising on a web project that makes use of these specifications, or on tools based on them.

CSS Grid is brand new to most developers, I have over four years experience working with the specification. I would love to bring that knowledge to interesting projects. I typically work remotely however, depending on your location a combination of remote work and in-person consultancy might be possible.

Drop me a line on me@rachelandrew.co.uk to discuss your ideas and how I might be able to help.