Fronteers, The W3C, and me

Back in September of last year, I explained the plans of the Dutch organisation Fronteers, in a post on Smashing Magazine. In that post I also explained what it is to be a W3C Invited Expert, and some of my motivations around working on CSS.

That post was written prior to a vote by the Fronteers organisation, at which they voted to become a W3C Member with me as their representative. All of the paperwork has been in process and today I was able to update my status in the CSS Working Group to be Rachel Andrew, representing Fronteers.

It will be wonderful to continue my work on CSS, with the backing of Fronteers. I’m especially excited about being able to share some of the things I know, and also to learn from the Fronteers members; to discover the things they want from CSS and the problems they run into. My first formal opportunity will be in a couple of weeks, when I’ll be in Amsterdam, speaking at a meetup and also running a specification reading workshop for members, I’m very much looking forward to it.

The CSS Layout Online Workshop

If you are ever baffled by floats, puzzled by collapsing margins or want to understand what is happening under the hood of a framework, this course is for you.

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