Table of Contents for The Profitable Side Project

Over the Christmas period I finished the first draft of my upcoming book. I’m really happy with how it has shaped up and I am very grateful to everyone who has been in touch with what they think should be included. As a taster, here is the provisional Table of Contents. There may be small changes depending on comments from reviewers, however everything below will be covered in the book.

Why Side Projects?

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Your Product



The practicalities of selling products online

Identity and Brand

Setting up for Support

Planning a Launch

We launched! Now What?

My next steps are to do battle with trying to create a usable book in formats that will ensure it is readable on various devices. I have become a great fan of Scrivener during the process of writing this book and I have been able to generate a reasonable preview of the book in PDF form – but the outputs for e-book formats are less than satisfactory. It looks as if the best way to create the final book will be to use HTML – which I can output from Scrivener via the Markdown support – and then convert that into the formats I need.

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